i did it.

cheese of the month club.

really pumped and just a little scared.

Taylor / Dan always make me want to listen to IDM… so after a visit to them last night, I downloaded some things that I had lost when my hard drive died. Nostalgia.

also, the semi-new Scorces LP on not not fun is really good (if you like the slowest music ever). That reminds me, I should put on Coil’s “Time Machines.”

“Market Square,” one of the never to be re-released Charalambides albums showed up on Discogs, so I swooped in and bought it. One of the bleakest albums I have ever heard, but it is also one of my favorites. I can’t wait for it to come in the mail so I can listen to it on my turntable rather than my ipod.

also, beers. also, I made sloppy joe’s tonight… partially in remembrance of Joe and partially because I wanted them. Went with the Morningstar crumbles or whatever and Manwich Bold. It wasn’t quite bold enough for me, but I made two sandwiches (one full, one open-faced) with organic pepper jack that I shredded. I put the shred on the bread and then put the sloppy joe on that to melt the cheese. It worked out very nicely!


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