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Mad Men is so good. Don’t ruin anything for me though, I am late to the game and just starting the second season.

Made a good sandwich tonight… pan-fried “grilled” cheese with Havarti, guacamole, and some thinly sliced fried potato slices on whole wheat bread. Really tasty but too fattening.

So I subscribed to the following music subscription series from Christina Carter of Charalambides:

2009 Many Breaths Subscription Series

339 dollars 4 many breaths cdrs, a handwritten/drawn illuminated message/letter with each cdr, and a one of a kind 63 + min cdr w/ hand made cover of improvised guitar and/or voice music recorded specifically for the recipient, a handwritten lyric sheet and/or song notes with each cdr, an interview document created specifically for the subscription series, gathered ephemera from daily life and something in which to contain it all – there are a maximum of 9 of these subscriptions available

….some people on the lol internet have been talking bad about it, but I want to defend it.

The natural reaction is “way too expensive, no way is it worth it, way to take some money, etc.” However, I think it is a really fantastic idea. First of all, this really is for die-hard fans, I don’t expect regular folks to go out and buy this. I feel like it is a throwback to artist patronage in the 17th, 18th centuries in painting. It is a unique opportunity to get something very special and personalized from an artist that I happen to love. The current psych scene is totally based on scarcity and handmade things, whether because of necessity or to drive collectors. Of course, I would have preferred if it was on vinyl because that is my format of choice, but it would be economically ridiculous to make a vinyl copy of 1. I look at it this way, Christina Carter / Charalambides should be no different than any number of modern / avant visual artists that make much more money than some of my favorite musicians will ever make.

I just couldn’t pass up such a unique opportunity. And it is not like psych-folk artists are living the rockstar life. I would be more than happy to pay even more, if it means that an artist I love will have a more comfortable life and will continue to make music that, in my opinion, is some of the best out there.


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