selections from my mom’s autograph books (part 1)

My mom saved these “autograph books” from middle school that were basically like yearbooks without the pictures. Her friends and classmates would write things in them. Here are some of the hilarious / great / weird ones.

1. Policeman!

Do your duty

Here comes Nancy

The American Beauty

2. Hope you have a happy summer and more seasons that will be happy.

3. When you get old and out of shape

remember girdles are only $2.98

4. Boston girls are pretty

New York girls are smart

But it takes a Nancy Keller

to break a fellow’s heart (ha-ha-ha)

5. When you get married and live in a tree

I’ll send you a coconut C.O.D.

6. (a variation)

When you get married and live upstairs

Don’t come down and borrow my chairs

and my favorite because it is hilarious:

7. Roses are red

violets are purple

why don’t you

Drop dead at Morton

(signed) George Brodsky (sp?)

The Great Rebel

—–hahaha. more to come in a second edition…—–


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