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August 24, 2008

so, i went to one day of the all points west festival when i was in nyc on vacation

the go team was disappointing, they didnt play huddle formation and it was early.

mates of state were really good, i know they are hopelessly indie, etc, but i really like them, i could listen to them any day of the week.

i have been a very mild new pornographers fan for a long time. truthfully, i had only heard maybe 10 of their songs before seeing them at apw. they were fantastic. i am ashamed to admit that i hadnt heard “the bleeding heart show” before seeing it live and it sure is something. i know i had heard part of it on the university of phoenix commercial, but it is an epic track. a bit of pop perfection. they also covered “dont bring me down” by elo, which was fun.

underworld, the band i was there for, didnt disappoint. kinda sad they didnt play beautiful burnout, but glam bucket was so huge. it always seemed incomplete to me on the album, but they rocked it out really hard in concert. 10 plus minutes of bliss. some lame fake hippies couldnt take the volume, but they had no problem with radiohead, who were even louder. it definitely wasnt a underworld crowd, there were maybe 10-15 people up front who were visibly enjoying it.

radiohead was good. i am glad i saw them, but i felt kinda guilty being up front with all of the fanatics because i didnt know at least 25-33 percent of the tracks played. but, i fought my way up front for underworld, so i figured that i might as well have stayed up there. whatev.

totally worth it.

on the psych front, i got the wooden shjips compilation lp, the new phantom buffalo lp, a bill quick lp, a steve gunn cd, and a 3 x 7 inch set for some visitations tracks.

wooden shjips are good, not great, a couple of the tracks on the first side really hit the spot for raucous fuzzy noise rock.

the phantom buffalo lp, which is a time-lag red record is quite good. really nice, kinda sunny melancholic psych pop/rock. its definitely the record i have spent the most time with in the past couple of weeks.

bill quick is ok, so is steve gunn. nothing on either has hit me that hard.

the visitations tracks on the 7 inch set on l’animaux tryst are really excellent. they are totally hippies, but i have come to terms with that… and anyway, i dont think that i will ever run into a visitations fan who is also into shit like umphrey’s mcgee, or even the grateful dead for that matter. visitations are way too “out there” for the avg. lame hippy… at least i hope so.

i finally heard something by duffy at a party this weekend and it was really good. mercy is what it is called. i was actually a little surprised to find out that the song was her, really catchy and dance-y. its got a beat like a sped-up “stand by me” with some organ over it. love it.

not entirely music-related, but in nyc, underworld was doing an “artjam” and it was awesome. I got to talk to karl hyde and he was really, really great. talked about photography and i really think he is sharp. glad to hear that he has reservations about taking photos in certain situations. he was talking about how he struggles with if he would rather be taking photographs or just enjoying the moment as it is. i definitely am the same way. sometimes i just need to experience things without taking photos, but i do hate how i dont have photographic evidence of some of my favorite moments and nights. it is hard either way. anyway, i bought some art.

i am conflicted on the whole “me buying art” situation. on one hand, i feel very blessed that I can afford wonderful art that truly makes me happy. however, i definitely have not earned the money that i used to buy the art. even though people may say i have had a shit year (which is true), but i feel like some fraud being able to drop money on things that are beautiful. it doesnt help that people at the galleries treat me like i have money and talk about “what a great piece” i bought or whatever. i also dont know how i feel spending the money i inherited in this way. i know it is a good investment, etc, etc, but my mom and grandpa would never spend any money, ever, even though they had it and now that i have it, it is something i struggle with. I know completely that both wanted me to have a comfortable and wonderful life, but there is a sense of guilt there when i am enjoying myself and the money they left for me while they are not here anymore.


nyc (and new haven)

August 14, 2008

click for bigger images. check out my facebook for other photos from this trip… if you want to see bigger versions of any of those, shoot me a comment and i will do what i can. these are some of my faves, fyi.