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June 29, 2008



June 22, 2008


June 18, 2008

so, three out of the last four nights at 11:45 pm, my sister’s alarm clock that she no longer uses has gone off on radio at the christian channel.

is it extreme of me to unplug it? i already have because it is ridiculous.

i really should live with people i like or live alone.

pills pills blue sob

June 2, 2008

again again

June 2, 2008

i have been watching mooovies again… or films. hedwig and the angry inch, once, there will be blood, no country for old men, who killed the electric car?, grey gardens, and a woman ascends the stairs. (thx to me finally getting netflix)

Either all of these were good, or i am becoming less snobby about movies… i think its because i was away for so long and didnt see many good things in the last year.

i really like the once soundtrack and i dont care. it almost reminds me of wilco when i liked them more.

my ipod photo is dead, but the weather is nice

i bought a dslr and will hopefully be taking more photos… we will seeeee

also, underworld by don delillo is a hell of a book so far!