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April 22, 2008



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April 22, 2008

so, you can now buy t-shirts from with random news headlines i think… what a weird idea. i dont know if i think it is the stupidest idea ever or if i just want to laugh. probably both.

new M83 is good.

so, when my mom was sick and i would sleep on the couch next to her chair, she would occasionally watch the digital music channel for contemporary christian music. you know how they have little facts about the bands on those channels? the facts for the christian artists were totally absurd a lot of the time. like, there were regular facts, like when the band was nominated for christian awards and stuff, but they would also mention what the artists favorite bible verses are and stuff. one even mentioned what type of amps this one guy used, which i find so hilarious. occasionally they would run out of things to say about the artists and they would show random music facts, like there was one about modern music taking shape in the 16th century due to a focus on melody or something. totally strange.

i am really enjoying nice’s muxtape… to the point where i actually kinda want to make one myself.

if i do make a muxtape, oh sweet nuthin by velvet underground will be on there.

obligatory mention of nice weather here.

i think that i told everyone already, but i got called a republican in wicker park for being dressed nicely. awesome.

i went to green zebra again and it was worth every penny again. other restaurants i want to go to now: boka, charlie trotters, north pond. if anyone wants to spend way too much money on food with me, drop me a line.

i am amazed by what some people do

April 12, 2008